Stonebrook Publishing - books about Ludlow, Leintwardine and the Welsh Marches


Stonebrook Publishing  publishes books and articles by Barney Rolfe-Smith on Ludlow, Leintwardine and the Welsh Marches.  This includes the Downton Castle estate and the Knight family in the period 1750-1950.  See below for the list of publications.

Downton Castle.

Stonebrook Publishing's title list includes the following publications.  Select the buttons above for more information.  Books marked ♦ are available to purchase.   Articles for free downloading are also available on this site.

♦ The Knight Family of Downton Castle, Volume 1, 1698-1852.  2020.

♦Downton Gorge, Richard Payne Knight's Secret Garden. 2016.

Colonel John Colvin, 1794-1871, A Good and Faithful Servant To India, Ludlow and Leintwardine.  2013.

♦A Gilded Cage, Lucien Bonaparte, Prisoner of War 1810-1814, At Ludlow and Worcester. 2012.

 Fishing in Time ; The History of the Leintwardine Fishing Club. 2011.

Notes on Bringewood Forge and the Downton Walks.  2009.